What is the difference between private mortgage insurance and homeowners insurance?

PMI (private mortgage insurance) is a type of insurance that allows you to insure the mortgage, not the home. It is the policy that a lender obtains to protect a percentage of the loan amount. It protects the lender against the loan default, whereas, Homeowner's insurance (also called hazard insurance or HOI) is an insurance that you get to secure your house from damage (i.e. In case of theft, natural disasters, etc.) and to also protect your personal belongings attached to it. This insurance is for your home’s protection.

Can I have my mortgage payment deducted automatically from my checking or savings account each month?

Yes, you have both options available, while signing the mortgage payment program you will be asked to check or uncheck an automatic payment method of your own. In automatic system payment is usually debit to your account between 1-10th of every month. Furthermore, while setting up the draft, you may be asked to submit an authorization form with a null check or savings account slip attached to it for proceedings. Mortgage USA will never charge you a penny without your permission.

Can I make a mortgage payment online?

Yes, Our customers can make their mortgage payments online; you can also maintain your complete mortgage plan online and can make mortgage payments anywhere, anytime in the world. It is as easy as moving your muscles. By accessing your mortgage account online you can see your loan history, past payment records, tax and interest information, all the latest information, an option to contact a customer service representative and much more. We do care about your convenience and that is our priority in everything we do.

Can I pay my mortgage with my credit card?

Yes, Mortgage USA allows you to pay your mortgage payment with your credit card so that you don’t need to visit each time for cash and cheque. For this proceeding, you’ll be asked to confirm it while enrolling for the mortgage payment system. We do not want any of our clients to be mugged. That is why me keep your details confidential and also suggest you not to share your personal account number and details with any other on this basis.

Who do I contact if I am having trouble paying my mortgage?

Mortgage USA’s care for its customers and clients more than anything. Our customer representatives are always there to hear from you. Your problems and queries will be investigated 24/7 by our professional agents. You can also contact us for free consultation from our professional representatives. For any query related to mortgage payment method or any other trouble you are having in paying your mortgage, Feel free to contact us any time on this number xxxxxxxxxxx and you can also write to us at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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